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            Horizon Music Entertainment (HME) is an entertainment company established in 2007. The company was setup to cater to the niche market of concert-goers in Singapore. HME also specialized in organizing a wide range of shows. We host a variety of events, from large scale productions like concerts, to private events or mini showcases. HME is now one of 3 KOD copyright owners in Singapore. We are the sole copyright owners for almost 80% of the Hokkien karaoke videos in Singapore.

            The company was first setup to cater to the niche market of Hokkien concert goers in Singapore. These concert-goers had the spending power and avid interests in attending concerts by Taiwan Hokkien artists but were not provided with the type of quality shows that other genres of concert were having. HME was the first company to provide a platform for these Hokkien Taiwan artists to perform on the big stage of Singapore Indoor Stadium; and thus also provided the concert-goers with a equally grand concert experience that was never done before. This also raised the standards of how Hokkien concerts was staged and also raised the profiles of the artists.

            HME has not looked back since. During this time, the popularity of Hokkien dramas was catching on fast. HME then went on the acquire the KOD copyright of Hokkien songs from Taiwan. This was to ensure that while the songs were being enjoyed by the public, artists and music publishers  were also being paid their due royalties. This will ensure that great music and good MTVs will continue to be produced for enjoyment of the general public.

            At the present moment, the record labels represented by us includes the following:

  1. HAO CHI VIDEO & RECORD CO., LTD (豪 記 影 視 唱 片 有 限 公 司),
  2. SHANG HAO RECORD CO. LTD (上豪视聴有限公司)  And
  3. HAO SHENG RECORD CO.LTD (豪聲唱片有限公司)

            HME is the sole provider of all KOD materials that belong to the above companies and the artists that they represent.

            Together, we can fight copyright piracy and promote the protection of intellectual property!