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            Horizon Music Entertainment Pte Ltd (HME) in the business of Copyright Management.  We are the Exclusive Licencee for the labels belonging to the following record companies, namely :


  2. SHANG HAO RECORD CO. LTD (上豪视聴有限公司),
  3. HAO SHENG RECORD CO.LTD (豪聲唱片有限公司)


           We are the exclusive licensee authorized to collect license fees for the Music Videos belonging to the above records companies which have been reproduced onto the Karaoke-On-Demand (KOD) Devices.  The KOD Device is specifically designed and adapted for making copies of the Music Videos for the purpose of commercial exploitation by way of trade. HME has obtained, by various agreements with the copyright owners, the authority to license the reproduction of copyright works and collect royalties. It represents the interests of copyright owners by dealing with licensees and potential licensees.


           Companies that have in their possession such KOD Devices containing such Music Videos belonging to the above records companies, and with the intention and purpose of using the KOD Device in their karaoke business may not be in possession of a licensed product. In this case, we would urge all customers to verify with your KOD supplier as to the source of such copies in the KOD Device and to obtain such license from us (if necessary) so that you do not infringe any laws relating the copyright ownership.  Until you are certain that the Music Videos in your possession is properly licensed, we urge customers to refrain and cease the use of such Music Videos until such license is obtained (if relevant)  from us.


           Infringement of Copyright is a serious offense in Singapore. Infringement occurs when one has not obtained consent from the copyright owner to do something that only the copyright owner has the exclusive right to do. For example, a person infringes copyright if he photocopies an article without the consent of the copyright owner. It is important to note that one does not need to have reproduced the entire copyright work before infringement takes place. It is an infringement as long as a substantial amount of the original work, quality wise, has been copied. In an infringement dispute, a substantial amount is not measured merely in terms of the quantity that has been copied. The Court also takes into account the nature of the portion that has been copied or reproduced. The copyright owner may take legal action against a person who infringes his copyright.


            HME has developed standard procedures and policies to ensure that copyright owners earn royalties when their music is performed, played or reproduced. At the same time, its processes, culture and technology are client-driven and results-oriented. HME continually strives to add value and strength to the music rights industry. It is the foremost licensing, collection and distribution agency for music publishers in Singapore. It is able, willing and ready to manage customers’ copyright issues.


            HME is a Founding Member of the Code of Conduct applicable to Collective Management Organisations. 


           Together, we can fight copyright piracy and promote the protection of intellectual property!




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