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Legislation Governing Copyright
The Copyright Act (Cap. 63)and its subsidiary legislation form the legislation governing copyright law in Singapore.
The latest legislation updates can be viewed here.

Copies of the legislation are available at
Toppan Leefung Pte. Ltd. at
1 Kim Seng Promenade, #18-01, Great World City East Tower,
Singapore 237994
Tel: (65) 6826 9691

Copyright Tribunals
The Copyright Tribunals are a forum for resolving disputes between licensors who are in the business of collectively administering copyright licences for different copyright owners, and users of copyright materials. The Copyright Tribunals’ jurisdiction is set out in Part VII of the Copyright Act (Cap. 63).

There is a president to the Copyright Tribunals, as well as 2 deputy presidents and up to 15 members. Either the president or a deputy president may preside over a Tribunal that is formed. Each Tribunal will consist of three members.

A Tribunal is empowered to:

  • resolve disputes relating to licences and licence schemes in relation to a work or other subject matter;
  • ascertain the royalty payable for the recording of musical works and, where applicable, apportion the royalty in respect of a record;
  • determine what constitutes "equitable remuneration" for the right to film artistic works for permitted broadcasts or cable programmes;
  • determine what constitutes "equitable remuneration " for the making available to the public of a sound recording through a non-interactive digital audio transmission;
  • determine what constitutes "equitable remuneration" payable by educational institutions when they use copyright materials within the permissible limits allowed under the Copyright Act;
  • determine the terms on which the government can use copyright material.

A Tribunal has the power to refer to the High Court any matter that comes before it for the determination on a point of law. This may be done on its own volition or at the request of any party to the matter.

The procedure for applications to be made to a Tribunal is set out in the Copyright Tribunal (Procedure) Regulations 1988. The forms are available here.

The operating hours of the Registry of the Copyright Tribunals are:

Monday to Friday

8.30 am - 5.30 pm

Saturday, Sunday
and Public Holidays







Submission of forms and payment should be made to the IPOS counter within the following hours:

Monday to Friday

8.30 am - 5.00 pm




For more information, please contact:

Secretary to the Copyright Tribunals
Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
51 Bras Basah Road, #04-01 Plaza By The Park, Singapore 189554
Tel: 6339 8616, Fax: 6339 0252

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